The three words “licensed,” “bonded,” and “insured” are practically magic.  In combination, they mean greater security for a business and for its clients.  But they don’t automatically come in combination; in the last few weeks, we have learned that lesson through experience!

Independence Gardens is proud to announce that early this month, we left the corporate nest of Wolfgang Associates, Inc. and registered as an LLC.  This new status allowed us to take out a general liability (GL) policy and a bond, which in turn gave us the opportunity to move forward and acquire our Construction Contractors Board (CCB) license.  And as of Friday March 20th, we are licensed contractors.

So, what does this change about Independence Gardens?  The most significant difference our license makes is that as contractors, we are held to a higher standard of documentation, and we’ll be using written contracts with most jobs from now on.  We will continue to help our customers grow their own food by building raised beds and chicken coops; although the cost of licensing, bonding, and insurance is significant, we will continue our commitment to offering affordable services to our community.

We’re looking forward to this new phase in our business development.  Thanks to the Independence Gardens community for helping us get here!