Do you have a yard you wish could be MORE? It CAN!

Every day, we are gratified to see people making the choice to turn their yards into lush oases for bees, butterflies…and people too.


Look for this sign around town: It means that someone has done what it takes to make their yard friendly to all creatures!

We are fortunate in the Portland metro area to have a resource that specifically helps with that: the Backyard Habitat Certification Program (BHCP). If you’re in Portland, Gresham and Fairview, within Multnomah County, and the City of Lake Oswego, you could get your property certified! If you’re outside the program area, we can still help you make the most of your landscape.

We are listed on the Landscapers List because as an organic land care provider we offer valuable resources in each of the BHCP focus areas: invasive weeds, native plants, pesticide reduction, stormwater management, and wildlife stewardship.

For more information, see 5 things to look for when creating a backyard habitat.