The more things stay the same. You know how that one goes. But it boggles my mind that we can be nearly 3000 miles away from home and yet be scheduling  consultations, making cultivation recommendations, updating our website, and having similar sorts of interactions (albeit with different people and in different types of homes and gardens) as we would in Portland. It’s kind of fantastic!

Along the way, we do miss home. But we have each other, our usually-remote-but-close-right-now friends and family, and a little home-on-wheels known as the GardenMobile. (Well, we don’t actually call it that–I just made it up a cute nickname. What do you think?) And getting some distance from the good ol’ PNW makes us appreciate our life there even more. The trees. The familiar terrain and wildlife. And the water–by golly, the amazing Portland water!

We are currently in Washington, DC, visiting my little brother. Before this, we stayed in Princeton; we didn’t spend much time on campus, but our wonderful hostess did take us on a tour of developing school gardens all over town. We stopped in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware on the way here to connect with an awesome Pton friend and briefly swim in the ocean. Very briefly. As one might expect with an itinerary as jam-packed as ours has been, most of our activities have happened phenomenally quickly!

As we travel from friend to friend and place to place, I am struck by the power of connections between people and place, over time. We feel connected to people, despite the passage of time; visiting places we’ve been before brings back strong feelings. And we miss our own gardens, even as we appreciate the ones we see where we are. We’ll be home again, harvesting and sowing, soon enough. But in the meantime…it’s off to Atlanta (via North Carolina) we go!